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Floors can be laid over concrete, chipboard, particleboard, plywood, timber joists or battens, underlay, existing flooring. Secured by either secret nailing (no visible nail holes) or face/top nailing (nails straight through the board). Top nailing is a more robust fixing method than floors secretly fixed and must be used for timber boards 130mm or wider. If you are constructing a new house or are undergoing renovations your timber floor should not be installed until other construction activities (particularly wet trades) are complete.

Timber is a natural product that responds to changes in weather conditions with seasonal humidity and temperature changes in the air causing boards to shrink and swell at different times throughout the year. During the less humid times of the year boards lose moisture and you may have gaps appear between the board, similarly during the more humid summer months your boards will expand with moisture and and you may notice timber grow resulting in expansion joints seeming to disappear.

Timber expansion joints (consisting of an approx 10mm wide strip of cork) are compulsory throughout large timber floor areas and prevent your boards from expanding and poping up. Timber is dried to a moisture percentage rate of around 12% and sometimes needs to rest at the location which it is being installed for a few days to allow it to adjust to the current climate conditions. This is especially important in fully air-conditioned buildings.

Our Timber Flooring Services includes :

Timber Floors

• Floor Sanding & Polishing

   Baltic Pine

   American Oak

   Iron Bark

   Radiata Pine

   Spotted Gum

   Tasmanian Oak


   Tasmanian Myrtle

   Stained Finish

   Basic Repair Work

   Tinted Finish


   Glue Removal

• Laying & Repairs

• Decking

• Parquetry

• Direct Stains

Our Buckinghamshire based showroom is fully stocked with over 300 samples in various sizes of wood flooring that we supply and fit. Visit here for more information on estmiating the right quantities and upcoming projects. For a small deposit, customers are able to take away samples and swatches to consider in the comfort of their own home. Don’t see what you need on your visit? Our sales team will help source the materials you need to make your project your own.

Floor Sanding & Polishing:

Dust has always been a problem in the sanding industry. We use the latest dust free machines that exists in the industry. Our dust collection bags are double stitched, but you could still expect a very small amount of dust.

We suggest sealing cupboards if possible before we start the job. We will try to remove dust by vacuuming and dusting window sills so it does not cause problem during drying time of the coat.

Floor sanding and polishing is a great way to enhance the look of your floor. It is stylish and suits any styles of home. Sanding and Polishing also increases the floor's durability.

Solid Hardwood Flooring:

To bring elegance and to add beauty to your Australian house, solid hardwood timber flooring is one of the most recommended flooring types.

By using innovative technology and modern crafting tools, our expert craftsmen accomplish the process of generating classic wood with marvellous prints. Plywood, chipboard, floorboard and concrete screed are suitable for installing solid hardwood floors.

As per requirement, we prefer nailing technique and “secret nailing methods”.